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Technical Specification


Softeners come in two types:



1) Cabinet Systems

Most of the components are housed within a cabinet, which doubles up as the brine tank.  Where space is key these systems are a popular choice



2) Stand-alone Systems

Usually found in industrial applications, these softener systems are designed to produce several thousand litres of soft water per day. The valve, vessel and the brine tank are easily accessible for monitoring and maintenance



A water softener is used to remove hardness from water and consists of four essential components



1) The valve

Key to making the system produce soft water, the valve is the control centre of the softener and is programmed to ensure the various stages of the softener process occur.  As a minimum, a valve will have an inlet, outlet, brine line and a drain.



2) Pressure Vessel & Distribution System

Attached to the valve, the vessel contains ion exchange resin, which chemically transforms hard water into soft water



3) Brine Tank

This can be a stand-alone tank or cabinet containing brine that is integral to a softener system.  Created by a mix of salt and water, brine is stored in the tank or cabinet and is injected into the pressure vessel as part of the regeneration cycle.  This cycle is essential to ensure the resin is chemically balanced in order to remove hardness.



4) Resin

Softening resin is the media used inside the pressure vessel which makes hard water soft by chemically removing calcium and magnesium ions in exchange for sodium ions

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Cabinet Systems
SoftH20 - CHRONO
Stand-alone Systems
SoftH20 - PRO
SoftH20- DUO
Water Softening Valves
SPECTRUM 7, 12 & 20
Water Softening Components
Brine Tanks WTS-BT-100 Litre
Brine Tanks WTS-BT-140 Litre
Brine Tanks WTS-BT-350 Litre
Brine Tanks WTS-BT-500 Litre
Brine Tanks WTS-BT-70 Litre
Distribution Systems
Hydrosoft Granular Salt (25Kg bag)
Lateral Distribution Systems
Vacuum Breakers
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