Point of Use (POU) systems and cartridges are specifically designed to address filtration requirements at points of need.

Technical Specification

Point of use filtration insures production of quality water, resulting in all round better tasting beverages. Coffee will extract with a less bitter taste and tea will have a clearer colour with no film.


Point of use range comprises of easy to use systems with simplistic filter changes such as vending and filter coolers, residential and commercial drinking water.


Covering a wide range of applications, the SPECTRUM point of use range is suitable for the reduction of:


• Sediment

• Chlorine

• Scale

• Bacteria

• Viruses

• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

• Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)


Inline 870 Cartridges:


The WRAS approved SPECTRUM Inline 870 range of Point-of-use (POU) filters have been specifically designed to deliver protection at the point of need for reverse osmosis, water coolers and vending equipment applications.




Twist-Lock POU RO Systems:


  The stylish design of the SPECTRUM Twist-Lock RO system has been created to fit into any domestic or commercial application.

 Available as a complete system including tank,tap, tubing etc. or as a three stage stand alone RO solution. The Twist Lock provides  you with a practical and flexible RO filtration solution.


Premier Twist-Lock Head:


With 1/4" push fit connections the single and double head configurations allows you to create a tailored system to fit your needs.




Twist-Lock POU Cartridges:


The SPECTRUM Twist-Lock range of single and double headed point-of-use (POU) cartridges and systems are stylish and easy to use making them ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The unique patented twist and lock cartridge connections ensure a reliable and leak free system where a simple 1/4" turn automatically shuts off the inlet and outlet water channels, allowing trouble free maintenance without the need to turn off water lines.


POU Food Grade Cartridges:


The SPECTRUM NSF certified food service cartridges have been specifically designed as an alternative retro fit to Everpure cartridges delivering quality drinking water for the food service sector.

Available in standard 10" and high capacity 14" length system configurations, the SPECTRUM NSF range is one of the most practical and cost effective solutions available.


Taps & Accessories:


Leak Stop - In the event of a leak the SPECTRUM Leak Stop safeguards property and equipment from water damage.  Designed to shutdown the flow of water, the Leak Stop protects homes and businesses from potential expensive water damage


Leak Stop+ - Acting as both a water protector against water leakages but also incorporating a pressure reducing valve to decrease incoming water pressure preventing damage to equipment.


Taps - A range of chrome and matt chrome taps are available to suit your need including a single mini tap, swan necked tap and traditional style tap 




TDS Meter - Are used to measure the levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a given volume of water.  The TDS-3 is a simple handheld slimline unit which comes with a carry case and has the additional feature of being a thermometer.  The TDS-DM2 is a dual inline monitor allowing the measurement of two different water lines at any time.  This model comes with diagnostic error messaging, shielded sensor cables, water resistant casing and is the ideal choice for industrial applications.


Countdown Timer - The CT1 from SPECTRUM is a useful accessory to help remind users when a changeout is needed.  Suitable for a variety of applications the CT1 can be used to set reminders for cartridge and UV lamp changeouts to ensure systems operate efficiently.


Tubing - For convenient installation a range of various sized tubing is available by the roll.  Each size comes in red, blue, black, white or natural for easy identification within systems. 

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