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Technical Specification

Constructed from FDA compliant media the multi layered Premier Pleat filter cartridge consistently and effectively removes the desired particle size, whilst still allowing finer particles through. 


Our pleated polymeric filters are manufactured in an ISO cleanroom to minimise risk of cross contamination. 


The multi-layer combination of the filter media carefully pleated and thermally bonded maximises the media area and ensures an efficient flow throughout the cartridge. 

Every membrane filter cartridge is manufactured from a multi–layer combination of mesh, filter membrane, support core and a drainage layer. Manufactured with injection moulded inner and outer supports, the membranes are designed to withstand thermal stresses during process.


All membrane filters are integrity tested and if required pulse flushed with pyrogen-free ultra-pure water. To ensure future traceability all cartridges are individually identified with a batch number allowing end users to maintain their own process records.


Also all cartridges are supplied with a certificate of quality and an operating instruction leaflet.


All cartridges meet or exceed the latest EC Directives for food contact and are insured by FDA Approval USP Class V1.


We will be happy to provide a comprehensive validation guide for our cartridges upon request. 

Download Configurations
Pleated Filter Cartridges
Cryptofil™ Designed to Remove Cryptosporidium Oocysts
Klearfil™ Pleated Depth Cartridge
Microfil™ Pleated Glass Fibre Cartridge
Pleat 2
Polyfil™ ll Polypropylene Filter Cartridge
Premier Pleat High Flow Glass Fibre
Standard Pleat High Flow Glass Fibre
Tekfil™ Polypropylene Depth Cartridge
Trapfil™ Polypropylene Cartridge
Membrane Filter Cartridges
Aquafil™ Single Layer Polyethersulphone Cartridge
Biofil™ Junior Polyethersulphone Membrane
Biofil™ ll Polyethersulphone Membrane
Biofil™ Plus Polyethersulphone Membrane
Chemifil™ Polypropylene Membrane
Fluorofil™ F100 Membrane Cartridge
Fluorofil™ Junior Membrane Filter Cartridge
Fluorofil™ Plus ePTFE Membrane
Hydrofil™ HT Nylon 6.6 Membrane
MIcrofil™ GP Absolute Rated Glass Fibre Cartridge
Microfil™ Junior Glass Fibre Cartridge
Polyfil™ Junior Polypropylene Filter Cartridge
Ventafil™ ePTFE Membrane
Vinofil™ Double Layer Membrane
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