CPL Filtration supply a range of industry standard stainless steel filter cartridges suitable for use in a wide range of sectors.

Technical Specification

The filter cartridges are wholly constructed of 316L grade stainless steel. Available in plain and pleated configurations: 


• Plain cylindrical design provides a sleeve of filter media protected and supported by woven meshes around a support core. 


• Pleated design comprises of protection and support meshes either side of the filter media wrapped around a support core to provide over twice the effective filtration area of the cylindrical cartridge. 


The robust design that is provided by a fully welded metallic filter cartridge is required to resist deterioration in harsh operating environments where the fluids are agressive.


All cartridges are TiG seam welded and the media, support core and end fittings are all fully TiG welded together. This method of construction guarantees cartridge integrity eliminating the risk of bypassing. 


The method of construction and materials used allow for operation from -269°C to 1000°C and up to 25bar. Higher operating temperatures and pressures can be accommodated. 


In the Double open-ended configuration, in addition to the support core there is a 25mm inner core to assist the location of multiple length units onto tie rods. Both the pleated and cylindrical cartridges have optional outer guards. 

Download Configurations
Metallic Filters
Sinterflo® F Cylindrical Sintered Metal Mesh
Sinterflo® F Pleated Sintered Metal Fibre
Sinterflo® M Cylindrical Sintered Metal Mesh
Sinterflo® M Pleated Sintered Metal Mesh
Sinterflo® P Sintered Pleated Metal Mesh
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