Reverse Osmosis (RO) can often appear the most complicated type of water treatment method to understand, or to select products for.  Here at CPL Filtration we make it easier for you by explaining the process and technologies.



Technical Specification
CPL Filtration supply the SPECTRUM range of membranes which have excellent average rejection (99%) and the ability to operate at very low pressures (3.6 bar) resulting in some of the best membranes available.
The difference between Reverse Osmosis and Osmosis 
In order to remove the natural tendencies of water and salt movement and then force clean water to flow from salt water, the osmotic pressure must be reversed. 
To reverse this flow of water the Membrane and Reverse Osmosis systems utilise a semi-permeable membrane element enclosed inside a pressure vessel. Pressure is then applied to reverse the flow of water of which the source is usually an existing pressurised line for smaller volumes or the addition of a pump for large installations. As pressure is applied to the feed stream, water molecules pass through the membrane, while salts are retained in the feed. 
Using the principles of water and salt movement, and combining them with pressure and membrane technology, the natural osmotic flow is reversed. 
How the membrane system works
The spiral membrane is constructed of one or more membrane envelopes wound around a perforated central tube. The permeate passes through the membrane into the envelope and spirals inward to the central tube for collection. 
Download Configurations
Reverse Osmosis Membranes
AXEON HF4 Series Low Energy
AXEON HF5 Series Ultra Low Energy
AXEON HR3 Series High Rejection
AXEON TF Series Pure Water Membrane
Low Energy 12" Pure Water RO Membrane
Low Energy 40" Pure Water RO Membrane
Low Energy Renal Pure Water RO Membrane
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housings
AXEON PVC RO Membrane Housings
HRO Membrane Housing
RO Membrane Glass Fibre Housing
RO Membrane Stainless Steel Housing
Reverse Osmosis Systems
FLEXEON® 1000 RO System
FLEXEON® 10000 & 20000 RO Systems
FLEXEON® 2000 RO System
FLEXEON® 300 Reverse Osmosis System
FLEXEON® 7000 RO System
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