CPL Filtration supply 3 types of depth filter – Spun-Bonded, Resin Bonded and Wound. Great value, versatile and long life filter cartridges.

Technical Specification

The 3 types of depth filter CPL Filtration supply are:


Spun-bonded – One of CPL Filtration’s most popular cartridges.  This cartridge meets the benefits of most non-critical applications or as an economic pre-filter where low change-outs are required.


Resin-bonded – CPL Filtration supply a range of resin-bonded cartridges which have a unique, proprietary two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal, service life and high temperature.


Wound – The SPECTRUM wound range is offered in three medias with a wide span of micron rating (0.5 – 150) offering cost effective particulate filtration. To obtain ideal retention of particles in depth media two events occur – mechanical and adsorptive retention.





GE Hytrex ll

Embossed for product identification

The GE Hytrex ll is constucted from thermally bonded, blown microfibres of polypropylene to create a strong, secure cartridge for heavy-duty and critical applications



GE Purtrex

Long life and low cost additive free filter cartridge

This WRAS listed range meets the requirements of most non-critical applications or as an economic pre-filter where long life, high purity and low change-outs are required



SPECTRUM TruDepth Premier

Rigid core construction for high viscosity and high temperature items

The TruDepth Premier offers excellent dirt holding throughout, ensuring the entirecartridge depth is used for increased life and reduced filter change-outs



SPECTRUM TruDepth Standard

Best value spun-bonded filter cartridge

The SPECTRUM TruDepth Standard spun-bonded polypropylene filter is a duriable single use cartridge offering the best all round protection in terms of functionality and cost.



SPECTRUM TruDepth Economic

Outstanding value for money where the removal of a broad range of particulate size is required

As with all the TruDepth range, the ESP from SPECTRUM benefits from a strong self-supporting structure which is manufactured from FDA approved materials.








Designed for ink, adhesive and polymer filtration

The Probond™ cartridges have a unique, proprietary two-stage filtration design to maximise particle removal and service life in viscous and/or high temperature fluid filtration applications







Cotton / Glass Fibre

High temperature on stainless steel core

Cotton cartridges are used mainly where polypropylene is incompatible with the filtrate.  The bleached cotton of the SPECTRUM wound which meets FDA standards is specifically designed for water and food applications.  Glass Fibre cartridges have the ability to withstand high temperatures up to 400°C often making them the sole choice for high temperature applications.  Similarly, when filtering oxidizing agents glass fibre is the only economical cartridge with excellent chemical compatibility





General use, poly-on-poly core

The most popular cartridge media, having a broad chemical compatibility, good temperature resistance and low cost means that this standard and large diameter filter is an effective solution for many applications






Download Configurations
Hytrex 11
TruDepth Economic Polypropylene
TruDepth Premier Polypropylene
TruDepth Standard Polypropylene
Glass Fibre
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