CPL Filtration supply a wide range of carbon filter catridges including Granular Activated Carbon, Carbon Block,Carbon Wrap and Modified Carbon

Technical Specification


Granular Activated Carbon


Pentair GAC Filter cartridges

Industry standard that's time proven for chlorine reduction

For water treatment, GAC combines well with other media such as phosphate, resins and sediment traps for specific contaminant targeting.  Using a clean, acid washed bituminous carbon with a large mesh size this granular range is ideal for chlorine, taste and odour reduction with the advantage of a coarse 20 micron pre and post-filter pad to retain carbon fines that is not susceptible to blockage if high particulate is present  



 Carbon Block


SPECTRUM ECB Industrial Grade Carbon

Suited to processes where the life of the carbon is never used

The SCB carbon cartridge is manufactured from acid washed bituminous Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and extruded into a carbon block format.  Available in 10" and 20" lengths for reduced cartridge change-out



 SPECTRUM SCB Food Grade Carbon

Delivers a genuine balance between chlorine adsorption, high dirt holding and value for money

The SPECTRUM SCB Standard Carbon Block cartridge is WRAS approved and tested to British Standard BS6920.  Manufactured using powder activated carbon particles which significantly increases its active surface area extending its life and chlorine reduction.




The choice for chloramine removal

Delivering the highest levels of chloramine removal with low pressure drops, using a high performance carbon formulation which delivers performance levels far in excess of other traditional carbon filters.



Pentair EPM / EP range

High flow, economic batch process carbon for chlorine reduction

The EPM and EP range is aimed at applications where regular change outs are required, typically batch processes and where a lower capacity cartridge suits the routine change outs   





              Pentair CBC

              Chlorine & Cyst reduction

              Using a fine carbon grade of bituminous acid washed activated powder makes the Pentair CBC one of the finest particulate filtration available at 0.5 micron and highest capacity chlorine reduction of all the ranges 




Pentair CBR2

Heavy metal, VOC, pesticide and cyst reduction

Designed to reduce lead, cyst, VOC and as well as reducing chlorine, taste and odour.  The Pentair CBR2-10 Black is manufactured from a combination of powdered activated carbon and a specially designed adsorbent media for lead and mercury reduction.



Pentair ChlorPlus - Block

Offered in both granular carbon and block options for chloramine reduction

As a pre filter in renal applications these cartridges are the perfect choice for extending membrane life due to the absence of carbon fines which are by product of granular carbons.



Carbon Wrap



Dual stage carbon impregnated depth filter

Capable of removing sediment and other fine particulates throughout its media, this dual stage filter cartridge also works to reduce odours, remove water pigmentation and other VOCs 



Modified Carbon


Pentair CFBC Filter cartridge

High capacity cyst and chlorine reduction

The Pentair CFBC uses Fibredyne technology to achieve the best in cyst and chlorine reduction with the additional advantage of sediment reduction




Resin impregnated felt

Effectively removes dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons efficiently from water, adsorbing three times its own weight before change out is required.  As the cartridge becomes exhausted flow is not affected and no hydrocarbons are released.  The cartridge is constructed from resin impregnated felt and is fitted with a polypropylene core and end caps, protection is provided by polyethylene netting.



Pentair CFB-Plus

This range of modified wet moulded carbon blocks feature enhanced chlorine, taste and odour reduction

Powdered activated carbon is bonded to the fibres, creating an excellent sediment reduction filter cartridge which combines the benefit of both a depth filter and carbon block into a single filter cartridge





Pentair CFB-PB

Heavy metal, VOC, pesticide and cyst reduction

The Pentair CFB-PB uses Fibredyne technology to combine powder activated carbon with lead adsorbent material onto a synthetic fibre matrix.  Capable of effective chlorine, taste and odour, lead, mercury and cyst reduction the CFB-PB also works as a premium grade sediment filter



Pentair ELPC

Premium line of activated carbon ensures no carbon fines or sulphur transfer to the plating baths

The ELPC series is a premium line of activated carbon filter cartridge specifically designed for electroplating solutions.  The ELPC is ideal for use in a wide range of applications.



Pentair FloPlus™

High flow 0.5 micron cyst reduction filter cartridge

The FloPlus™ from Pentair uses Fibredyne technology to significantly enhance cyst, chlorine and sediment reduction.  The FloPlus™ can handle extremely high flow rates in excess of 95 lpm with no detriment to the water quality while delivering outstanding chlorine, taste, odour and 99.95% cyst reduction.

Download Configurations
Carbon Block
870 Economic Industrial Grade
870 Standard Food Grade
CBR2 Chlorine & Heavy Metal Reduction
Modified Carbon
99OilOut Oil Range
CFB Plus Chlorine Reduction
CFB-PB Chlorine & Heavy Metal Reduction
CFBC Long Life Chlorine & Cyst Reduction
Granular Activated Carbon
Carbon Wrap
870 SCW Carbon Wrap
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