Clean air - It cannot be seen, touched, tasted or smelt yet it plays a vital part in our lives

Technical Specification

CPL Filtration supply a wide range of Vokes Air filtration solutions which have been specifically designed to meet customers needs no matter what sector or the operating environment



Bag Air Filters 

Bag filters are suited to an array of pre and fine filtration applications and our comprehensive range is designed to provide a filter for every circumstance



Compact Air Filters  

Providing maximum performance in minimal space.  Compact air filters are ideal as either final filters or as a prefilter for higher efficiency. 



EPA, HEPA & ULPA Filters  

Ideal for applications with the highest levels of air cleanliness, EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are best used in clean rooms and medical applications



Gas Adsorption Filters 

Utilized to remove odours and other gases from the air.  Come in a range of sizes and with numerous carbon media options



Panel Air Filters 

Used for HVAC applications or prefilters for high efficiency units.  Panel filters provide a compact low cost filtration solution



Air Filter Housings 

To ensure safe and optimum performance, in addition to simplifying installations and ease of removal.





Grease Filters 

Permanent and washable filters for grease capture in kitchens to maintain hygiene standards and reduce risk of fire


Download Configurations
Bag Air Filters
SoniQ ll
Compact Air Filters
Compatex FP
Micratex FP-P
EPA, HEPA & ULPA Filters
Hepatex CR
Hepatex N
Gas Adsorption Filters
Panel Air Filters
Glass Panel Air Filter
Pleated Panel Air Filter
Air Filter Housing
Mounting Frames
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